Thursday, November 1, 2012

My family

I love food.  I also love to cook.  There's a joy that comes with sitting down with my family, seeing that they are enjoying something I created.  But I always feel a little extra excited when the dinner I make has a few extra vegetables thrown in!

In the future, I'll be posting recipes where I have added extra vegetables in, as well as weekly meal planning and shopping tips.  For today, allow me to introduce myself and my family!

First, we have Wiley. (nope, not his real name). This boy loves just about any fruit aside from peaches and pineapple.  When there's a buffet at Christmas, he's just as likely to go for the fruit as the candy.

 Next up is Elmer.  (again, not his real name).  This boy loves trains .  Thomas is his favorite, but he also loves Polar Express and Chuggington.  This kid loves food a lot.  If he's eating something he likes, he can and will shove insane amounts of food in his mouth at one time.  We're working on that whole "pace yourself" idea.
Then we have littlest bit.  He's a precocious little 1 year old- He was walking at 9 months, and mastered the playground (including climbing up the stairs and the slide) at 10 months.  He doesn't hold still long enough to gain weight, so he's in the 2nd percentile for weight.  But still healthy and happy
 Next up is Mr. Wonderful.  I love this guy so much!  This picture was taken when I was pregnant- he grew out his beard for 9 months.  Guys, you know you're jealous.  Mr. Wonderful loves cheese, and will throw anything in a quesadilla.  He is not a huge fan of texture in his food, so pureed veggies are perfect for him! 
Last is me.  Mom to three boys 3 and under (hooray for twins!) and wife to Mr. Wonderful, cook, housekeeper (some days better than others). 
That's our family, thanks for stopping by!

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